We Build our products to represent our Values


Start your organization with a quick and seamless state incorporation and federal tax exemption. We file your paperwork correctly the first time.



Organize your donors, programs, and activities on the world’s leading CRM, Salesforce.com. Enable your staff to improve the lives of more people with less effort.



Expand your reach to beyond your wildest imagination. Maximize your teams’ impact with our advancing training, coaching, and marketing systems.



Whether just getting started or making a change, we’ve got you covered. Salesforce is flexible. It can bend and shape in many ways to meet your needs. Choosing the right options is where we come in.

Why NPO Elite?

We bring the best of the nonprofit world and the Salesforce.com consulting experience together to give you the one-stop solution to help you make a greater impact.  We know your pain, and we share your dream.

Activate 70%
Organize 80%
Impact 90%

  • Salesforce has made the on-boarding, tracking and management of our organization completely streamlined. Quality improvement through the simplification of design, layouts processes and procedures. And NPO Elite completes the package with a great customer experience that espouses trust, convenience, relevance and intelligence.

    Rudy Sablon
    Director of Programs, The Motivational Edge